Cleaning old bricks is no longer a problem !!

Old bricks are all the more sought after nowadays and valued in the building trade for renovations. The only handicap is how to clean them, an operation which takes a long time and weighs heavily on the final costs. Now, thanks to “SCALPELLINA”, it is possible to drastically reduce the time it takes to clean old bricks.

 “SCALPELLINA” is the ideal machine for cleaning and reclaiming old bricks quickly and with perfect results. The utility and reliability of the machine, combined with a double series of chisels allowing two people to work simultaneously, makes it possible to double or even triple the amount of bricks cleaned, compared to traditional manual methods, greatly reducing costs.

“SCALPELLINA” cleans all types of brick, of any size or thickness; the chisels can be sharpened and are interchangeable.

“SCALPELLINA” is conform to all European laws in force regarding safety at work.



- Adjustable feet for adjusting the height to find the most comfortable work position, the feet can even be completely dismantled;

- A very compact machine which can be transported in the boot of any car;

- Single-phase motor 220V, 1.5 Hp, 1.1 Kw;

- Overall weight 65 kg.


Furthermore, thanks to the use of special treated steels “SCALPELLINA” does not require any extra maintenance apart from periodically filling the machine with oil and sharpening or replacing the chisels.


Moving the brick near to the chisels, it is possible to adjust the intensity and force of the blow simply through the pressure used on the same. In this way it is possible to remove all kinds of material, even the most stubborn, or thoroughly clean the corners or the more delicate areas of the brick, without damaging it.



The workbench is a “SCALPELLINA” accessory. It helps to make the job of cleaning the bricks easier. In fact it is used as a support and at the same time makes it possible to correctly position the brick near the chisels at the right angle.

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